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Question: from "Oldtech" on 26th June 2012

I think you got a really great deal on the van. Could you tell me / us the name and contact details of the dealer ?? Thanks !

The van came from and was a great deal for such a low mileage.

Comment: from "Tentpeg" on 17th May 2012
Wow what an achievement and the van looks lovely. I am sure you will enjoy.
Comment: from "GeoNomad" on 16th May 2012

Great job Dave. Looks so cozy and clean. Time to do some camping and get it dirty!

Comment: from "Derek" on 16th May 2012
Brilliant, now go out and enjoy

Comment: from "VonUK" on 16th May 2012
Wow, that is amazing!! I'm all admiration, wish I had even a smidgeon of your skill - mind you I'm quite good at sticking on plasters

Comment: from "di allen" on 16th May 2012
What a fantastic conversion. It looks so professional; i wouldn't have the first idea where to start on a project like this. Now go and enjoy.

Comment: from "jayjay" on 16th May 2012
I agree with all the other comments, it's a fantastic conversion!

Comment: from "Ian STOCKLEY" on 16th May 2012
WOW!! Thats a good looker! Congrats on a super job,I hope to see it and you sometime.

Comment: from "jessiem" on 16th May 2012
Nice one

Comment: from "gadgetman" on 16th May 2012
Yes Nice One now go and enjoy it, happy camping, great job

Comment: from "Sheila" on 15th May 2012

Comment: from "Twolitre" on 15th May 2012

VERY professional looking! Nice job! Did you work out the layout yourself?

Comment: from "Dabs" on 15th May 2012
Very smart job there Dave........well done!! Its very rewarding when a plan comes together it may take a while at times but now you can relax and enjoy all your hard work!!

Comment: from "Vanderella" on 15th May 2012
Fantastic! Will watch out for you on the road

Question: from "Ruth" on 2nd May 2012


Question: from "Campergirl" on 1st May 2012 Re Sink/Stove

...the sink/burner combo unit costs about £175 – I paid a bit extra for a universal connecting kit. I have a feeling that the unit only came with a plug for the sink...the cupboard outer wood was built by a professional cabinet maker - a swap of trades allowed me to have the sections made at cost price.
(see the kitchen section here)

Question: from "Campergirl" on 26th April 2012

...The stove/sink? looks good, interested in how you did that?

...the main cupboard unit is based on a frame, this the double burner unit and sink on top. The unit is a Smev 911 unit (long and thin). We marked around the unit on the chip-board prototype top, and then cut a few inches within that area. We kept trimming the hole until the sink and the bottom of the burners went though the hole so the unit sat flat on the surface. The unit came with a rubber seal which takes up the slack as it is screwed down...
(see the kitchen section here)