RouteMaster July 2013

RouteMaster Naked, Naked, Naked!!!

12th August 2013

View of the stripped-down chassisYes, just a cheap way of trying to get more hits!!!

With 6 sonars, 2 battery packs, 2 steppers with power and control lines, when RouteMaster is stripped down, there are lots of connections to deal with for the new mother board!

The photo also shows a rare view of the Easy-Step 1000 stepper motor boards. These boards don't control the stepper motors (unlike some of the more expensive and complex boards), but make the physical connection between the processor chip and the steppers. The boards consists of a set of MOSFETs (metal�oxide�semiconductor field-effect transistor!). When the I/O pin is set high, the MOSFET switches (using the TTL voltage) power (higher voltage/current) is switched to a nominated coil in the motor. By switching the port pins on and off in sequence, the motor steps.