RouteMaster October 2012

Battery Packs

28th October 2012
The plan for this weekend was to build 2 new battery packs at 6v rather than the current 4.8v to see if they gave the motors a bit more performance and stability. Due to a picking error by Maplins, I ended up with 3 sets of wireless video transmitting kits rather than 3 pack of AAA rechargable batteries. Duh! This meant that Chris was unable to solder then pack with his mighty iron. I could add another battery in-line with each pack and see if I notice any difference, but for now I will stick with the 4.8v.


25th October 2012

There is a chill and a smell of wood-smoke in the air come evening time, which can only mean that Autumn is heading into Winter, Fireworks will be exploding in the sky, and ROBOtic 2012 will be upon us again in Birmingham.

ROBOtic 2012 is our chance to display and compete at the UK Micromouse HQ. November is the big testing date in our calendar. It is our chance to try out our MicroMouses in the full size competition maze. Although not an official competition (the real one is usually in June), it is often the first time MicroMice are let out in the full size maze. Most builders have to test their mice on smaller mazes.

So I thought it was about time that Route Master 2012 saw the light of day once again, and that I would have yet another go at getting it working. It has probably been about a year or two since I spent any serious time on the project. This means I have had to remind myself about how things work and even how to programme the mouse once again.