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Stronger Brackets

Article #13 - 10/01/2021 16:58

This is the second design of the bracket to hold the stepper motors for the raising mechanism. Rather than dangle off the legs, they are now supported from underneath with a triangular bracket. This not only strengthens the support for the motors, but helps the motor sit upright and also adds a bit of strength to the table.

They might be a bit over-engineered at the moment, but they will work for testing.

The sockets for the threaded rods now go into a rubber mount. Not fully convinced yet. Initial testing showed there wasn't enough current to go to all 4 motors at the same time, so I will revert back to having 1 motor driver board for each motor. This will need a little bit more wiring as I can no longer daisy-chain the motors.

New Additions

Article #12 - 10/01/2021 16:19

New additions for the mainline

After seeing some of these bodyshells of FaceBook groups, I fell in love with the idea, so luckily Santa delivered a couple and also the Kato 11-105 motorised chassis then ride on. The chassis is N-gauge, double bogies/pickups but single bogie drive (so 4WD, not 8WD.

Assuming that they will fit through the tunnel when the track goes down, the class 35 diesel shunter will do the heavy work on the mainline, and the class 153 Sprinter will perform a shuttle service between the East and West stations.

Described by David the designer (not me!)...
Narrow gauge 3D printed products available through Shapeways and designed by me. Includes my popular range of 009 mainline diesel caricatures.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/Davesrailwaybits/

Something that glows in the night!

Article #10 - 22/08/2020 19:44

Ghostly Visions

I forgot that I had the glow-in-the-dark luminous printer filament in the printer when I printed "Magic Mountain" and a few of the test carriages!

There isn't enough daylight to make them glow normally, but with a bright light on them, and then viewed in the dark, they have a ghostly appearance!

The mountain is mostly painted, but at night, the tunnel does seem to have a slight glow.

HOe/009 - Something a bit smaller!!!

Article #9 - 20/08/2020 16:31

HOe Model Railway

HOe scale is HO scale trains (1:87 3.5mm/ft) running on 9mm (N gauge track). This forms a narrow gauge track with similar proportions to the 2ft gauge railways found around the world and especially in the Welsh Mountains.

Someone mentioned putting a model railway inside the top of a 9 drawer chest, with the lid that opened up for access. I was looking at my coffee table and decided there was enough height between the bottom and top to install a small N gauge or Hoe mini layout with buildings 1 or maybe 2 stories high. I wanted a small mountain/tunnel, so found a 3D printer design of a mountain, and with some chopping and scaling I was able to print the mountain is 4 sections, with a height that will fit within the table with the lid down. ;-)

The layout consists of one main loop with effectively 2 passing loops. The tunnel on the left west side (3D printed!) has single line working, but with the other loops, 3 full trains can use the layout running from 1 simple DC controller.

The centre loop is also the loop to the maintenance yard. This consists of a turntable (wide enough to carry 1 loco and 1 wagon) and then feeds down to a traverser which has 4 stops along its length. Off each side there is room again for 1 loco and 1 wagon, or 2 wagons. This gives a good availability of stock to be able to manipulate on this small layout.

A beautiful friend saved or evicted!

Article #8 - 20/08/2020 14:48

I noticed this butterfly in my shed a couple of weeks ago. Closed up on the door. Thought I'd see if it was still alive, and to my pleasure it opened up. Thinking it shouldn't still be in the shed, I moved my finger towards it and notice it was attached to some cobweb. Untangling it, it was happy to climb aboard and seemed quite happy staying on my finger.

It opened its wings from time to time, which made holding the phone and trying to get the thing in frame and focus was tricky. I didn't know just when it might fly off!

I tried to unload it and it flew about 6ins and closed up again. After loading the mower into the car, I went back and as I approached it once again, it flew off into the breeze.

Hope it was the right thing to do.

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