Welcome to the SteamyDave website. The site has been divided into the main sections below. More sections will appear as I re-write and add to them.

The Campervan

Campervan Conversion

This part of the site describes the conversion of my Suzuki Carry 1.3 Panel van from an ex-builder''s van to a single berth campervan/2 person day van. Ideas, tips and photos of the conversion.
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Pointless Shunting

Model Railways

Since locakdown 2020, i have been creating model railways. Most of the items on the layouts I have designed and 3D printed including loco bodies, rolling stock, buildings, turntables etc.
  • The Coffee Table Layout - a 009 layout housed in a coffee table. With a stepper motor in each corner, the layout can rise up out of the table to be used, then lowered back down when done.
  • SM32 16mm Layout - A 16mm SM32 layout with a turntable out of view at each end. Control was by an infra-red handset.
  • Pointless Shunting - Another 009 layout. A shunting game using 2 truntables rather than points, hence the Pointless name.
  • Davedale Roundhouse - as part of the Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers (NSNGM 10th anniversary challenge, a roundhouse with 10 sheds. A work in progress.
  • Iron Bridge Mill (Formerly Dave's Mill) - this is actually my desk test tract. I use it to test out new designs/3D prints, and I'll also use it to practice techniques - like rivers and bridges. A work that will always be in pregress!
493bg Museum

Other Projects

Other projects I have worked on include...
  • MicroMouse - Autonomous robotic maze solving robots
  • 3D Printing - lots of things printed. Recently most of the model railway objects have been designed and printed.
  • 493BG Debach - help with the website for the 493 bomb group air museum at Debach, Suffolk.
  • Steamy Photos - a collection of steam related photos.